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To support applicants and current grantees, Berger North Foundation has assembled the following resources and tools to assist with their grant application and other stages of the grant process. Grantees may also contact their Berger North Foundation representative to acquire necessary forms & documents. Berger North Foundation frequently updates its forms & documentation. Grantees are encouraged to check back here for any changes.


In many areas of the country, grantmakers jointly created & accepted a "common grant application" (CGA). On a pre-appoved, case by case basis, to reduce the amount of time grant seekers spend rearranging basic information from one proposal to the next, Berger North Foundation will accept some Regional Association of Grantmakers CGA formats as an alternative to its Discretionary Grant Application. Contact your foundation representative to find out what additional supporting materials will be needed. 

Applicant Tools & Materials


Request to Be Invited to Apply



On a case by case basis, BNF will accept some Regional Association of Grantmakers (CGA) formats as an alternative to the Discretionary Grant Application. Please contact your foundation represantative to discusss this option.  


For existing grants that have not expired only.

Appx. I Capital Campaign Request | PDF

Appx II Capacity Building Request | PDF 

Officers' Certificate | PDF





Logo Usage


If grantees download the foundation’s logo, they acknowledge Berger North Foundation’s ownership (and its associated goodwill) and agree to maintain the quality of materials.  


Do not alter the logo by re-setting the type or otherwise modifying the design.


BNF Logo | Vector

BNF Logo | TriColor CMYK

BNF Logo | TriColor Vector

BNF Logo | Black On White

BNF Logo | Color with Tagline Vector

BNF Logo | Tri Color

BNF Logo | Grayscale

BNF Logo | Gold Three Color

BNF Logo | Three Color

BNF Logo | Black Vector



Grantees are responsile for submitting interim and final performance and financial reports.


Berger North Foundation will not accept another request for funding until the grantee has completed the final performance and financial report on their previous funding within 30 calendar days after the completion date of the grant period and the grant is closed. The grant will be closed once all the Berger North Foundation grant funds have been spent and the final report has been approved by the Foundation. 


Interim Performance Report | PDF

Final Narrative & Financial Report | PDF

Final Narrative & Financial Report | Word



Annual Reports 


Non-profit, Charity and Other types of Annual Reports | Zpub

When most people think of Annual Reports they usually think of the corporate variety. Many non-profit organizations, foundations and charities produce annual reports.


The Secret to a High Impact Annual Report | Blue Avocado

We nonprofits often put a great deal of time and effort into our annual reports, especially compared with how briefly most recipients will look at them.


Top Five Questions about Nonprofit Annual Reports | Network for Good Learning Center

Even though nonprofit organizations aren't required by law to publish annual reports, most nonprofit leaders recognize the value annual reports can provide.


Nonprofit Annual Reports - Go From Dry To Dazzling | SlideShare

Answers the question: Do nonprofits need an annual report?


How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report |

Even though nonprofit organizations aren't required to produce an annual report like publicly traded companies are, most nonprofit managers recognize the value of producing one.


Nonprofit Annual Report Gallery | Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Links to recent annual reports from some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States. Most are PDF files. These links are for informational purposes only. This site also has a great easy-to-follow guide to produce an annual report for your nonprofit.




Tipping & The IRS Public Support Test


Nonprofits must develop and maintain support from a diversity of donors; 

this is determined through a formula established by the IRS. Tipping occurs when support from a single source of funding “tips” a public charity out of compliance with the public support test, converting it into private foundation status. It is the nonprofit’s responsibility to understand this issue and track its support to ensure that it is not in danger of losing its public charity status. 


The Public Support Test. What a Grant Seeker Should Know | LaVerne Woods, Esq. 

Organizations that seek grants from foundations are usually principally interested in obtaining the maximum amount of funding to achieve their charitable purposes. Too frequently, they do not realize that a large grant from a foundation may adversely affect their tax status.


The Public Support Test for 501(c)(3) Organizations |

Attorney Lisa Nachmias Davis provides step-by-step instructions for those wishing to calculate the test. Part of her guide, "Ten Steps for Starting a Nonprofit, Tax-Exempt Corporation in Connecticut".


Compliance Guide for 501(c)(3) Public Charities | IRS [PDF]

Covers recordkeeping; activities that may jeopardize a charity's exempt status; required filings; governance considerations; changes to be reported to the IRS; required public disclosures; and resources for public charities.


Foundation Classification | IRS [video]

18-minute animated film that explains foundation/public charity classification and public support. Also covers how to calculate public support test. Users can view outline, notes, and advance slides.


Public Support Tests | Nonprofit Law Blog

Discusses how charitable organizations receive recognition as a public charity under IRC Section 509(a)(1). Written by Gene Takagi, a California attorney specializing in nonprofit law.


TechSoup connects nonprofits, foundations, and libraries with tech products, services...

GuideStar connects donors and grantmakers to non-profit organizations.

The GrantSpace Blog highlights the knowledge you need to be a better grantseeker.

Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator, provides free ratings of the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of thousands ...

Philanthropy, Social Sector, Non Profit Training, Foundation Research, Foundation Tools, Philanthropic Sector, Grant Fundraising, Foundation Center.

Foundation Directory Online is a research tool to help nonprofits find the grantmakersmost likely to fund their projects. This tool includes grantmaker information...

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Professional association of individuals responsible for generating philanthropic support for a wide variety of nonprofit, charitable organizations.

Nonprofit 911 is a free webinar training series on nonprofit marketing and online fundraising, supported by Network for Good and our guest speakers.

Fundraising Solutions from Support, Training & Amazing Software Suites!

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