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Application Process


Prospective grantees will be invited to fill out the appropriate Berger North Foundation Grant Application.


If your organization received a Invitation to submit an Application from a Berger North Foundation representative, please follow the steps below:


  1. Submit Organizational Information as directed by the data collection tool. 

  2. Read discretionary application guidelines. 

  3. Once you have submitted the Organizational Information data, you will be directed to fill out the grant application.

  4. Complete the Berger North Foundation Discretionary Application online as directed.

  5. Submit by secure online form the requested documentation.

  6. Submit your application via the secure BNF process flow.


After the Foundation receives the completed application, the Grants Committee will review it. The Foundation may request more information. Berger North Foundation will notify the prospective grantee of the funding decision as soon as possible.


The Applicant is encouraged to supplement the basic outline in a manner that will best inform the Foundation of the Applicant's fitness for financial assistance. Include the necessary attachments in your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Berger North Foundation welcomes calls from applicants regarding questions about the grant application & review process.



Application Review


Berger North Foundation uses a peer review process to competitively evaluate all eligible and complete applications. Reviewers are instructed to evaluate proposed projects according to the criteria identified in the program guidelines. Berger North Foundation directors make funding decisions based on the evaluation and overall goals of the program and the agency.


Berger North Foundation may wish to consider, on a case-by-case basis, imposing special requirements on certain grantees. These might include:


  • Seeking a matching gift.

  • Improving certain operations so as to qualify for the gift.

  • Carrying out a program devised by the Foundation.



Grant Management 


Grantees must sign a grant agreement, which:


  • Sets the terms and conditions of the grant.

  • Set forth in writing the basic facts connected with the grant, such as the amount of the gift and the schedule of payments and the purpose for which it is intended.

  • Includes a time table in which the grantee expects to accomplish the purpose of the gift.


A grant is made only for the purpose stated within in the grant agreement. Any project carried out under the discretionary grant must be consistent with the proposal. Any changes to a grant project’s programmatic scope, key personnel, or budget must first be approved by Berger North Foundation. Any grant funds not expended or committed for the purpose of the grant shall be returned to the Foundation.


Berger North Foundation monitors and conducts reviews of operations under the discretionary grant. This includes site visits from Foundation personnel to observe the project, discuss the project and its finances, review financial and other records, and material connected with the activities financed by the grant.






Berger North Foundation requires its grantees to provide follow-up progress reports. These reports are due at least once every six months from the signing date of the discretionary grant agreement. A final report is due at project completion. The reports include copies of expenditure records, financial accounting, and a narrative of the projects accomplishments.


Nonprofits who received funding in previous years and receive an Invitation to submit Application (and wish to reapply), need to have their final report submitted and approved before submitting a new grant request. 


Berger North Foundation expects the grantee organization to remain in contact with the Foundation on a regular basis as to the use of grant funds over the designated grant period. Grantees are responsible for submitting these interim and final reports. Organizations who received funding from the Berger North Foundation during a previous grant cycle are not eligible for the upcoming grant cycle unless all the funds have been expended AND the organization has submitted the Final Narrative & Financial Report. Organizations not reapplying for a grant have within 30 calendar days after the completion date of the grant period to submit the final report.  Organizations re-applying for a grants have approximately 10 months after the grant is made to submit the Final Narrative & Financial Report.  It is recommended that all grantees turn in the Final Narrative & Financial Report as soon as the funds are expended.


The grant award notification includes a schedule of interim and final report due dates. If a grant is extended, Berger North Foundation will email a revised reporting schedule. Failure to submit reports on a timely basis may result in delayed payments and the suspension of action on pending applications from the grantee organization.


Documents and forms needed to administer grantee award reports are accessible on the Applicant Tools & Materials page. All forms are provided as PDF files, Excel and/ or Microsoft Word documents. It is the grantee’s responsibility to be familiar with the documents and to comply with Berger North Foundation’s reporting requirements.




Application Deadlines




August 1 - August 31                    

Berger North Foundation requests applications from select non-profit organizations.


September 30

Deadline for the non-profits to submit proposals


October 1 - November 15

Six to eight weeks for Berger North Foundation to consider proposals, ask additional questions, conduct site visits and make decisions.


November 15 - December 15      

Berger North Foundation makes grant distributions.






March 1                                        

Berger North Foundation requests applications from select non-profit organizations. 


April 1                                        

Deadline for the non-profits to submit proposals


April 1 - May 15                                  

Six to eight weeks for Berger North Foundation to consider proposals, ask additional questions, conduct site visits and make decisions


May 15 - June 15                          

Berger North Foundation makes grant distributions.

Berger North Foundation generally only accepts only one grant request per organization per 12-month period, but may accept multiple grants by invitation only.

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