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Grantseeking FAQ


What are the Foundation's funding priorities?

The Foundation focuses on three core program areas: Healthcare, Social Services & Education.

How do I apply for a grant from the Berger North Foundation?

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. It extends formal invitations for grants. 

How can I contact a Berger North Foundation grant nominator or attract the attention of a nominator?

The Foundation does not disclose the identity of grant nominators. Anonymity prevents nominators from being inundated with suggestions and allows them the freedom to seek out qualified nominees.

Why is your board of directors not listed on the website?

Berger North Foundation is a small organization managed by a just few individuals who believe that impact comes first — Employing strategic approaches to solving problems with philanthropy, the executive director, trustees, & grant nominators wear many hats and care more about the impact of the philanthropic investments than the recognition they receive for being a part of the giving process.

Why is the Discretionary Grant Application so long?

Grantmakers and nonprofits are under increased scrutiny with regard to spending their money in ways that have clear social impact. The initial discretionary grant application is how Berger North Foundation gets an accurate record and solid understanding of the grantseeking organization and its plans. It is the most efficient means of learning about the potential grantees current programs, future plans, and past accomplishments. This informed introduction serves as an embarking point for the beginning of a relationship between grantmaker and grantseeker.

Will you accept a regional Association of Grantmakers Common Application as an alternative to the Discretionary Grant Application?

In many areas of the country, grantmakers jointly created & accepted a "common grant application" (CGA). On a pre-approved case-by-case basis, to reduce the amount of time grant seekers spend rearranging basic information from one proposal to the next, Berger North Foundation will accept some Regional Association of Grantmakers CGA formats as an alternative to its Discretionary Grant Application. If you received a RFA and would like to use your CGA, contact your Berger North Foundation representative to find out what additional supporting materials will be needed. 

Why have you made changes to your application format?

Berger North Foundation is always working on improving its process for making and managing grants. Our goal is to increase impact and provide more time to innovate and build strong relationships with you, our partners, to ultimately achieve results for the people we serve, together. 

I have materials I want to submit along with my request for funding. How do I send them?

Please submit only the requested forms. 

What is your application deadline?

Berger North Foundation will request proposals from potential grantees in early August. The deadline for the invited non-profit to submit their proposal is September 30. Distributions are made November 15 through December 1. 

Once a grant is made, are their reporting requirements for the grantee?

Yes. The Foundation requires interim & final reports as described in the grant agreements. The Interim Report is a progress report. The Final Report shows completion and closes the grant. Typically, reports are based on 6 month increments following the funding of the grant, with a final report due upon completion of the program goals. Grant reports are concise reviews of what has occurred and must evaluate both strengths and areas for improvement. They must compare proposed to actual outcomes, placing particular focus on items identified in the proposal as “deliverables” for each program. Budget Reports must reveal sources of income and expense related to the project. Any significant budgeted to actual variances must be explained in the budget recap of the Grantee Report or in a budget narrative. Nonprofits who received funding and receive an Invitation to submit an Application (and wish to reapply), need to have their final report submitted and approved before submitting a new grant request. Nonprofits not reapplying have 30 calendar days after the completion date of the grant period to submit their Final Report. It is recommended that all grantees turn in the final report as soon as the funds are expended. 

What happens if the Grantee fails to submit the required narrative and financial reports?

The Foundation will send delinquency/overdue notices to the grantee. If continued attempts by the Foundation to receive the required reports fail, the Foundation will close the grant for non compliance. All payments will be suspended and the organization will no longer be eligible to receive grants from the Foundation.

What happens if a progress report from the Grantee is late?

If a progress report is late, the grantee should contact the Foundation and request an extension. The next scheduled payment on the grant, dependent on the report, will be delayed until the report has been received and approved.

Does the Foundation conduct site visits of its grantees?

Yes, the Foundation may conduct site visits when needed. Site visits can help determine whether or not to fund a proposal and check on progress of a funded project. Site visits allow trustees to meet the people behind the proposal and get a closer more personal view of the organization. Site visits are scheduled in advance. 

My funding request does not fall under any of your program interests. How do I submit it?

The Foundation does not make grants outside the listed BNF funding interests. 

I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?

The Foundation does not provide funding to individuals. 

I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for a grant?

The foundation makes grants to organizations directly rather than through individual fundraising activities; therefore, we are unable to fund your effort.

Can other people, businesses or organizations donate to the Berger North Foundation?

No, Berger North Foundation does not accept donations. 

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