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What We Fund


Berger North Foundation’s funds are used to make grants to organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, health, social services and educational purposes within the meaning of IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). 


We invite grant requests for projects or programs that are consistent with our vision, mission, interests and values and:


  • Will have a broad impact on the quality of life for a significant number of people in our community

  • Propose ways to address community issues and problems

  • Leverage other sources of support

  • Encourage others to get involved in addressing community needs

  • Are creative in their approach to solving problems or capturing opportunities

  • Are responsive to changing or emerging community needs

  • Help develop community leadership

  • Engage young people in the community

  • Support innovative approaches to economic development

  • Are sustainable over time

How We Fund


Berger North Foundation makes qualifying distributions for:

  • Project or Program Grants

  • General Operating Support 

  • Capital Campaign Support

  • Capacity Building Grants

  • Matching Grants


Currently, Berger North Foundation does not offer:  

  • Loans

  • Program-Related Investments (PRI)

  • Equity Investments


Berger North Foundation's current interests in the area of promoting healthcare & wellness include but are not limited to supporting organizations dedicated to the health and welfare of underprivileged youth, needs of the disabled, programs that provide access to healthcare services for disadvantaged, impoverished, and marginalized individuals, substance abuse prevention, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, mental health services, and programs that promote the health and well-being of veterans and families.



Berger North Foundation supports a variety of community improvement & management programs including those that enhance non-profit management, promote philanthropy, & voluntarism. Youth development programs supported by the Foundation typically include after-school educational enrichment programs that supplement and enhance formal education systems to increase the chances for successful outcomes in school and life. The Foundation also supports parks, recreational programs and facilities, museums, theaters, art centers and other developments that improve a community, greater lifestyle opportunities, and encourage involvement in civic affairs. 



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Berger North Foundation leans heavily toward the NextGen, strategic, high impact model of philanthropy. We understand that in order to create effective social change, nonprofits must also be able to fund their infrastructure, staffing, space, tools, systems and technology costs of their work. Berger North Foundation evaluates nonprofits based on the results they achieve and have joined the growing movement to support all aspects of a nonprofit organization.

Social Services

Within Social Services, Berger North Foundation supports a broad range of human and family services including but not limited to community management, early childhood development, public services, crisis intervention, parenting education, food subsidy programs, abuse prevention, youth development, and programs that promote social justice, civil liberties, and human rights. 


The focus of Berger North Foundation's conservation grants is to support organizations that conserve natural resources and the environment for the benefit and use of the public within the United States of America. Consideration will be given to grant requests to be used for land acquisitions for creating or expanding parks, preserves and wildlife habitat, the preservation of wild and scenic places, clean water and air programs, the preservation of historical sites, and the sustainable use of natural resources. 


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The Foundation's primary interests within education include programs that focus on formal K-12 education (particularly mathematics, science and reading), teacher development, literacy, and higher education. 


The Foundation is also interested in programs that attract female and minority students into the fields of mathematics, science, and technology.


Non - Discrimination

Berger North Foundation supports nonprofit, charitable organizations and programs whose mission and operations are non-discriminatory

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What We Do Not Fund


Berger North Foundation is prohibited from making expenditures:


  • To organizations that are not tax-exempt under paragraph 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code

  • Non U.S. based charities

  • To carry on propaganda or otherwise to attempt to or influence legislation, for political purposes including lobbying

  • To influence the outcome of any specific public election or to carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive,

  • Individuals

  • For any purpose other than a charitable purpose

  • Fiscal sponsorship arrangements

  • To fiscal Agents 

  • Membership fees

  • Ticket sales for charitable fund-raising expenses

  • Endowment funds

  • Deficit funding

  • Unsolicited requests

  • Religious Groups

  • 509(a)(3) Charities, Type I or II Supporting Organizations 

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