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Building a strong foundation for the future 


Our lives have been enriched by good health, education, and through the cultural and civic engagement of the residents in our community and country. Established 2013 as a non-operating private foundation in Minden, Nevada, Berger North Foundation’s vision is to allocate its resources to help ensure that others may also benefit from the same opportunities. To get the largest return on charitable giving, Berger North Foundation researches the needs of a community, builds relationships with grantees that can develop into further collaborations, and consider the long-term impact of a grant. We make grants today that support and strengthen nonprofits that affect tomorrow.






Helping people help themselves


The public and social mission of Berger North Foundation is to generously support established charitable organizations, particularly ones promoting:


  • Healthcare

  • Social services

  • Education





Foundations can achieve their philanthropic purposes only through the work of their grantees. Our success as a grant maker is dependent on our grantees’ success. Berger North Foundation sees itself as a partner with the organizations we fund. Financial transparency, accountability, efficiency, concrete results producing measurable and lasting impact is of highest priority.





Berger North Foundation leans heavily toward the NextGen, strategic, high impact model of philanthropy. We understand that in order to create effective social change, nonprofits must also be able to fund their infrastructure, staffing, space, tools, systems and technology costs of their work. Berger North Foundation evaluates nonprofits based on the results they achieve and have joined the growing movement to support all aspects of a nonprofit organization.



Statement of Purpose


The Berger North Foundation has been organized as a Nevada Charitable Trust. Berger North Foundation is operated exclusively for charitable purposes, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code") by making grants to public organizations organized and operated exclusively to carry on charitable, scientific, literary, or educational activities, and which are described in Sections 509(a)(1), (2) and 3(b)(1) of the Code.







Berger North Foundation is a small organization managed by just a few individuals who believe that impact comes first. Employing strategic approaches to solving problems with philanthropy, the trustees and grant nominators wear many hats and care more about the impact of the philanthropic investments than the recognition they receive for being a part of the grant making process.

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